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Confidential Wells Fargo Attorney Foreclosure Manual Tells All – Endorsements & Allonges Executed After Foreclosure Process Begins

Big Hat Tip To Deontos for sharing this important and all telling document.

The following excerpts from the “Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Attorney Procedure Manual” reveal what we’ve been suspecting all along;┬áthat the endorsements and allonges to the notes used in foreclosure litigation are all executed after the start of the foreclosure process. If Wells Fargo is taking foreclosure action as servicer of a securitized trust, then it is very likely that the notes were never endorsed (even in blank) which was a requirement of the “Pooling & Servicing Agreements.”

Oh, and what about that pesky requirement that Allonges be affixed to the notes? And, what about those allonges and endorsements from those old defunct entities? Looks like the “WFHM Default Docs Team” has the solutions.

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