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Weidner’s post “Securitization Audits Are A Crime” is not related to Bill Paatalo / BP Investigative Agency

When anyone Googles my name these days, the first linkĀ to pop up is attorney Matt Weidner’s blogĀ “Securitization Audits ARE A CRIME!” In no way does this article involve me or my agency. I am compelled to briefly defend myself by saying that I have developed an excellent reputation as a private investigator specializing in the areas of foreclosure fraud, securitization, and chain of title analyses. I have performed close to 500 investigations to-date, and I work with attorneys throughout the United States in providing expert witness and litigation support services. My investigations have provided critical evidence and data that has assisted in keeping people in their homes. As a bit of vindication, this article and excerpt was just published by Neil Garfield, Esq.:

“The affidavit shows exactly why you need people are both lawyers and forensic computer experts to assist on most cases. Law firms lacking these resources and lacking private investigators, are not equipped well enough to do battle with these lying behemoths. If they are charging low fees just to sign you up, their chances are diminished that they can do anything besides delay a wrongful foreclosure instead of beating it.”

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