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Here’s What Others Are Saying

From Elizabeth Lemoine, Esq. in Oregon:


Thanks again! With my attorney, we were able to defeat the bank’s motion for summary judgment here in south Florida, in large part, due to your report. I have always wondered who the actual holder of my note was. Not only did your report answer this question, but also it helped me gain the confidence that I needed to fight for my home. Banks, who are not the owner or holder, are actually stealing homes from Americans with false, misleading, and even forged documents. How can this happen in the United States?

I’d highly recommend your services to anyone facing a foreclosure situation.


Mitch K., Esq. – South Florida


Bill and Rob,

Good news. Federal Judge Otis Wright denied Chase’s Motion to Dismiss. That’s two for two. Thanks for your support.

Douglas Gillies, Esq. – CA


Thanks again Bill. Your report is thorough, to the point, and is of tremendous assistance. I will have many others coming through to you.

Douglas Gottron. Esq.
Morris Palerm, LLC – Rockville, MD


I was referred to Bill when I was a few weeks away from filing bankruptcy. I had been doing a lot of praying to find the wisdom and strength to make the best decisions for my situation and I now look at Bill as being a God Send. I had no idea of what services a Forensic Auditor could provide and was very guarded prior to meeting with Bill, since I had already spent two years trying to work with my mortgage company on a modification.

Jill T. – Portland, Oregon


Bill Paatalo is by far the most honorable and trustworthy man I have had the privilege to work with. After three years of dealing with my servicer, I hired Bill to do an audit for me. Bill has always been available to help me understand the audit process, which has given me the confidence necessary to move forward and not allow my home to be taken under false allegations.

Bill is impeccable, compassionate, and well connected. Based on the audit I received from BP Investigative Agency, I now have the ammunition I need to retain an attorney and move forward with saving my home. I am grateful to Bill for his integrity and commitment to being of service to homeowners.

Karyn A. – Portland, Oregon


Great work Bill !!! Thanks for everything !!!!!!!

Thomas L. – Panama City, FL

Hi Bill,
Thank you.  I am at a loss for words.  Thank you.  I have  reviewed it all.  This helps tremendously.   This is more than what I was  expecting, and I greatly  appreciate it.   Fantastic work from you and  your staff.  Thank you.
D.C. – Sacramento, CA
Bill thanks for your fast response and very informative information. I will pass on your company to everyone I know that needs a audit.  The information you provided was much more informative then any I have seen.  Thanks again  TONY
Tony – Colorado