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Attention: New Pricing for 2017


(Note: 20% Discount when ordering Combo Analysis & Expert Declaration / or Affidavit. See below.)

$895.00  (30-Day Estimated Turn-Time)

$1,195.00  (10-14 Bus. Day Turn-Time)

$1,495.00  (within 72- Bus. hrs. Check Availability)

The “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis” comes with a comprehensive narrative and analyses of any identified trust data, and all relevant documents submitted into court proceedings, documents recorded in the public records, documents retained at the closing or provided by servicers upon request, and of course, documents provided in formal discovery. (Re: Securitization evidence from proprietary securities industry databases. All information searched and provided if available.) Items include but are not limited to the following:

  • Loan level file
  • The bond description and Tranche information showing if the loan/debt has been “Paid Off,” “Paid Down,” and if so, when.
  • Screen shot showing if the subject loan itself has been “Paid Off” and when.
  • Pooling & Servicing Agreement (PSA) / Free Writing Prospectus (FWP) / Prospectus (424)(b)(5) / other associated (SEC) filings
  • Monthly Remittance Report Data for the subject loan/debt.
  • Monthly Servicer Advances of “Principal & Interest” showing that the trust is being paid and no harm is being rendered upon the certificateholders in the trust due to the borrower’s “alleged” default.
  • Focused attention on “Table-Funding” issues, and the authorities of all parties in the COT.

Other supporting database look-ups

  • SECinfo/Edgar
  • Freddie Mac (GSE)
  • Fannie Mae (GSE)
  • County records
  • State level Corporate Registrations
  • MERS

BPIA will analyze court filings and/or county records data to determine what entities are claiming ownership interest, and how this information may be incompatible with the trust’s “Pooling & Servicing Agreement” and Prospectus if found to be securitized, or inconsistent with other information. Because Bill Paatalo has conducted nearly 1,000 investigations throughout the U.S. over the last seven-years, he has compiled a significant database of information on specific banks, trusts, and servicers. This aggregation of evidence often reveals inconsistent positions and stories being told in other jurisdictions which can be useful in discrediting proclaimed facts and positions by the foreclosing parties.

We evaluate the chain of title for defects that can be used to defend against foreclosure. The “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis” report is also helpful when searching for legal representation. This report comes in electronic format with all the exhibits attached in pdf. Attorneys can easily “get up to speed” on the issues which saves time and expense.Many attorneys recommend having Bill Paatalo conduct an investigation first before discussing and evaluating strategies to either defend against foreclosure, or prosecute for any number of claims.

Critical evidence can be provided such as the internal trust accounting (Remittance Report[s]) that can show whether or not your loan has been “paid off,” if the current balance is compatible with the declared default amount, whether unknown manipulation of the data (i.e. false modifications) have occurred, whether the parties who actually funded the loan match the contracts with the borrower(s), and much more. BPIA tries to lessen the risks to the client up-front by providing a “free securitization check.” Sometimes the results are inconclusive, and further investigation is needed to either confirm or rule out the existence of a trust. This requires considerable time. BPIA cannot guarantee the outcome of any investigation. To order, click here   (Simply check which payment and turn time you prefer when submitting your order, and an electronic invoice will be sent accordingly. We thank you very much for your continued support and patronage, and look forward to assisting you in 2017!)





(Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis is required as a prerequisite to Expert Declarations / Affidavits)


(20% Discount for Combo Order for both “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis” w/Expert Declaration / or Affidavit simultaneously.)


Private Investigator Bill Paatalo will provide an expert declaration and/or affidavit with his resume and prepared exhibits regarding his investigation findings and opinions. This is the most important document, as the “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis” Report by itself is typically inadmissible into court without Bill Paatalo’s attestation in the form of a declaration / affidavit / or certification.

This can be a powerful tool when seeking to overcome a motion to dismiss or summary judgment. Turnaround times are the same as the “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis” if ordered simultaneously. Otherwise, it will require a new turnaround time consistent with any new order for a “Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis.” For any questions, contact Bill Paatalo at or 406-328-4075.


EXPERT WITNESS FESS & COSTS (subject to change.)

Live Trial & Deposition: $300 hr. (minimum 4-hrs.) Plus Travel Expenses (Air/Hotel/Transportation/Meals/Parking.) Travel scheduled on non-testifying days will cost $50 hr. travel time (takeoff to landing – entire trip. [i.e. 6-hr. flight schedule = $300.])

Video / Telephonic Testimony (Depositions or Trial): $300 hr. (minimum 4-hrs. which includes preparation time.)

(Note: Upon confirmation of availability to testify, full payment is required 10-days in advance of testifying. All travel itineraries will attempt to be booked as “refundable” in the event of postponement or settlement. However, payment for services is NON-REFUNDABLE within 10-days of the scheduled testimony.)

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BPIA Disclaimer: BP Investigative Agency (BPIA) works to provide research specializing in institutional foreclosure related fraud. BPIA, including its independent agents and all other employees, are not attorneys and as such, cannot offer any legal advice. All services including (but not limited to) research, investigation and analysis must be vetted by clients own legal counsel in all matters and all cases. BPIA cannot guarantee the outcome of any research, county record information, data mining, and/or litigation associated with investigation materials for client cases. All research conducted by BPIA is designed for use by legal professionals. We do not recommend using this information as Pro Se litigants, or outside the supervision of a licensed attorney. However, we understand that clients cannot always find or retain counsel when defending foreclosures. All prepared materials are considered confidential. All work product produced by BPIA through its forms and processes are copyrighted and protected by BPIA. Any unauthorized use or dissemination of BPIA materials, without the express written consent of BPIA, will be subject to prosecution under federal law. [/learn_more]