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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I purchase a Securitization & Chain of Title Analysis?

A. Please click on the “Why “Securitization & Chain of Title Analyses” (Audits) Are Important!” page on this site.

I have spoken with hundreds if not thousands of people and clients that all tell me the same stories. There are reasons why the banks and servicers are putting people through “modification and foreclosure hell”, yet most hard-working and honest individuals simply cannot comprehend that the banks, and / or servicers and their agents, are willing to lie and fabricate documents in order to steal their home. Blind faith and trust in the banks can be disastrous. Over the years now, the wrong doings and illegal behaviors perpetrated by the banks and servicers has become well documented. Unfortunately, the behavior has not stopped in spite of fines and consent orders. The profit and greed trumps laws, ethics, and morality, and until people start going to jail for these illegal acts, they will continue.

Having this information is necessary to help you to better understand your situation and build a strategy moving forward.

Q. Has anyone used your reports or testimony in court and won?

A. People ask me this question all the time. Everyone has a different idea or vision of what the term “winning” means. The reality of the foreclosure crisis is that very few people contest their foreclosures, or ask questions of their “supposed” lenders. Chances are, that if your loan was originated between 2002-2008, has “MERS” involved, or was an “exotic” loan, there will be issues involved. Doing nothing will certainly not lead to any form of success or “victory.” Get the information to which you are entitled, and of which the banks are unwilling to provide. Arm yourself with knowledge and facts which will lead to “leverage.”

The truth is, many of our clients use the findings and evidence from the securitization & chain of title analysis (correlated into an expert affidavit / declaration) to create leverage and force the “pretender lenders” into confidential settlement agreements. There are victories, but many are accomplished in secrecy.

Q. You have identified numerous issues according to my report. Does this mean I have a good case?

A. I always disclose that I/we are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. Now that you have the securitization & chain of title analysis / report in hand, consult with a competent attorney to discuss the issues and any possible causes of action or defenses against the bank. We are happy to assist your counsel in answering any questions pertaining to our work.

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A. Please see the “Products & Services” page for turnaround times.

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A. Yes. Absolutely. I harp on this all the time. Everone who took out a mortgage during the real estate boom of the 2000’s should consider having this work performed. People need to protect themselves from sending in their payments to the wrong parties. How do you know that the party demanding your payments is really entitled to receive those payments?

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A. I believe so. Mortgages and foreclosures are very paperwork intensive, as well as time consuming subjects. Attorneys appreciate having the potential issues identified in advance by a professional investigative agency such as BPIA. Our reports are paperless and can be sent electronically. Attorneys can then get up to speed on the issues quickly and efficiently; which saves both you and the attorney time and money. The Securitization & Chain of Title Analyses are actually very cost effective.

Metephorically speaking, we like to consider ourselves as being X-Ray technicians who identify and take the snapshots of the patient’s illness. We then assist the surgeon by showing him/ her where to “cut.”

Q. If I hire you to conduct an investigation, what will you find?

A. This is perhaps the most common question, to which I answer, “I don’t know.” Though many cases have similarities, no two cases are ever exactly alike. Having conducted nearly 1,000 formal investigations to-date, unique issues still pop up every day. Bottom line, I simply have to roll up my sleeves and conduct the work before commenting or discussing all the various hypotheticals.

Q. Can you send me samples of your work?

A. Unfortunately I cannot for legal reasons. First, it is proprietary work product. Second, because no two cases are alike, I cannot raise a prospective client’s expectations that they will see the same or similar results if they place an order.

Thank you for asking these questions.
Bill Paatalo – Private Investigator / Founder BPIA