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BPIA will always strive to support homeowners and their attorneys; to seriously increase their odds for a more favorable outcome in a very difficult and mostly misunderstood economic and legal disaster. We are a dynamic, cutting edge company that provides investigations centered on securitization and chain of title analysis, as well as foreclosure fraud. BPIA provides  litigation support and expert witness testimony services to attorneys and litigants throughout the United States.

Curriculum Vitae – William Paatalo – Private Investigator


William Paatalo has been a licensed private investigator since September of 2009. He has 17 years combined experience in both law enforcement and the mortgage industry which he has utilized to become a leading expert in the areas of chain of title analyses and securitization. He was a police officer with the St. Paul, Minnesota Police Department from 1990-1996 where he was assigned “Field Training Officer” duties in only his second year on the job, and received multiple commendations.


Mr. Paatalo worked in the mortgage industry as a “loan officer” with Conseco Home Finance from 1999 – 2000, followed by two years of being a branch manager for multiple mortgage brokering firms. From 2002 – 2008, he became the President of Midwestern Mortgage, LLC f/k/a Wissota Mortgage, LLC in Wisconsin and Minnesota. As President of Wissota Mortgage, LLC, Mr. Paatalo was responsible for overseeing the origination, processing, and underwriting of mortgage loans, as well as managing a staff of 17 employees.


Mr. Paatalo has worked exclusively since 2010 investigating foreclosure fraud, chain of title, the securitization of residential and commercial mortgage loans, and accounting issues relevant to alleged “defaults.”  Mr. Paatalo is also a Certified Forensic Mortgage Loan Auditor through (“CFLA”), and has spent more than 10,000 hours conducting investigatory research specifically related to mortgage securitization and chain of title analysis. He has performed such analyses for residential real estate located in many states, including but not limited to, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Florida, Montana, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, New Jersey, and several other states. To date, Mr. Paatalo has conducted nearly 1,000 investigations across the U.S., and has provided written expert testimony in the form of affidavits and declarations in approximately 120 -130 cases nationwide.  Mr. Paatalo has been qualified in both state and federal courts as an expert, and personally appeared and testified at trial in the cases outlined below. Most recently, on December 1, 2016, Mr. Paatalo testified in U.S. Bank as Trustee for WMALT 2006-AR5 v. Paul Landers, et al., 20th Judicial Circuit for Lee County, FL Case No.: 14-CA-051647 where Judge Sears qualified Mr. Paatalo “as an expert forensic witness in the areas of securitization and chain of title analyses.” This experience has led to Mr. Paatalo becoming one of the leading national experts in this field.

Mr. Paatalo’s specific areas of expertise allowed by the courts in the cases referenced below are as follows:


  • Knowledge of the “Pooling & Servicing Agreements” and various Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings associated with mortgage-backed securitized trusts.
  • Specific language in the PSA’s and Prospectus / Prospectus Supplements involving securitization participants, key dates, “Servicer Advances,” sources of third-party payments, and transfer and conveyancing requirements to name a few.
  • Knowledge and use of ABSNet, and the interpretation of its internal accounting data showing “advance payments” made to the certificateholders / investors, as well as other information specific to accounting, chain of title, and other aspects of securitization.
  • Chain of Title analyses based upon publicly recorded documents, documents produced in discovery, and documents attached as exhibits to foreclosure complaints. Documents typically include mortgages, deeds of trust, assignments, notes, and allonges; in addition to documents filed under penalty of perjury with the SEC.


Relevant Experience:


  • Police Officer / “Field Training Officer” – St. Paul, MN 1990-1996.
  • Oregon licensed private investigator under ORS 703.430, and has met the necessary requirements under ORS 703.415. To obtain his PI license, Mr. Paatalo met the requirement of 5,000 hours of investigation experience in the law enforcement field, and passed a thorough background investigation and criminal history check.
  • Member of the “Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators” (OALI.)
  • President of Midwestern Mortgage, LLC f/k/a Wissota Mortgage, LLC in Wisconsin and Minnesota from 2002 – 2008.




A.A.S. – Law Enforcement – Normandale C.C., Bloomington, MN – 1986

Marketing Management Certificate – Concordia University, St. Paul, MN 2001

Forensic Loan Auditor Certification Training Course (CFLA) – 32 hrs. – San Diego, CA 2011


Expert Testimony (Trial):




Robert T. Fanning, Debtor – U.S.Bankruptcy Court, District of Montana – BK Case No. 10-61660


Rivera v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, U.S. BK Court, Northern CA – Oakland – Case No. 14-54193-MEH-13.



U.S. Bank as Trustee for WMALT 2006-AR5 v. Paul Landers, et al., 20th Judicial Circuit for Lee County, FL Case No.: 14-CA-051647


Washington Mutual Bank fka Washington Mutual Bank, F.A. v. Jon A. Smetana, et al.,In The Court of Common Pleas, Cuyahoga County, Ohio Case No.CV-08-652392


U.S. Bank, Trustee v. Natache D. Rinegard-Guirma, et al. – Circuit Court For The State Of Oregon, County Of Multnomah – Case No. 1112-16030